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This person is earnestly harming some body. It is way too much drama.

She will not find yourself with him even though you stop seeing him, BTW, which means this isn’t in regards to you stepping taken care of. It is simply. Avoid being a right component with this any more. Do not rest with anybody who is really so careless towards other people. Simply. Do Not.

PS. I do not think you need to acknowledge her message. If I’m able to think about a way you may assist her, We’ll pop back right here. She actually is clearly pretty obsessed. You are most likely maybe not the individual to clue her in as to how heartless this person is though she really really needs to know towards her, even. Published by jbenben at 6:30 PM on 18, 2013 12 favorites january

When I asked him her, he said I don’t know- wtf!

Huge flag if he was going to continue to see. On a FWB basis – which it doesn’t seem likely she’d want if she claims they’ve broken up, what is he going to do – sleep with her? Or lie to her and imagine like he is stopped seeing you (or someone else)? Or he will keep leading for a FWB whom obviously desires (and believes she’s got) more, despite the fact that he does not?

It is a strange solution that does not paint him in a trustworthy light. Posted by rtha at 6:35 PM on January 18, 2013

This: I became contacted by my FWB’s „girlfriend, ” telling me personally it was over among them because he kept cheating on the beside me.

He had been completely blase and reported which he knew she had more powerful emotions for him, than he did on her, he ended up being maybe not her boyfriend, but that she was their other FWB.

Equals verification that her allegation holds true. Which he considers her an FWB is wholly unimportant. He knew she had more powerful emotions for him.

I will be not able to get together again the alternative which he has received a gf this entire time with my perception of him as an individual. Once I confronted him, he would not appear nervous or uncomfortable– to phrase it differently he did not behave like he would been caught.

Which is because he had beenn’t „caught” cheating on you. He had been caught maybe perhaps not caring about somebody else’s feelings. Since he does not worry about other individuals’s emotions, he does not care if he is caught maybe not caring.

Should they were fwb and she dropped for him then that’s an alternate situation…

I do believe that’s where you’ll want to dig deeper in terms of your opinion that is own about matter. Let`s say as he admits, she fell for him and believed that they were boyfriend/girlfriend. Then let’s assume that he’s telling the truth that he knew that she had those feelings but that he nevertheless continued (and may still continue) to have sex with her while also having sex with you that they were FWB, and that.

Think about this: exactly why is that the various situation? Published by The World known at 6:37 PM on January 18, 2013 16 favorites

When we confronted him, he would not appear nervous or uncomfortable– put simply he don’t become he’d been caught.

I believe it is easier to fake being generically relaxed than to fake a response that is emotional appropriate to a scenario. In this situation, it affected you if he were telling the truth, some appropriate responses might include „WTF?! ” incredulity or vexation/disgust with his other FWB, maybe even surprise and laughter at her behavior, along with some sort of upset over how. But relaxed? Maybe you know him to become a remarkably even-keeled character whom handles anxiety without nervousness or disquiet, but because of the circumstances, it appears prone to function as demeanor he’s got practiced when it comes to previous 12 months while lying their pants off and hiding anything from every person. I am confident which is a predicament that will need an abundance of really relaxed, non-nervous lying to pull off.

That is just one single point. On the basis of the entire image, I would recommend dropping him like a hot stone. Published by Monsieur Caution at 6:52 PM on January 18, 2013 2 favorites

She ended up being improper inside her message for you, but he does not appear therefore appropriate inside the discussion to you.

Bigamy occurs with astonishing regularity, where somebody has two whole marriages, homes, and sets of kids, and so I’m not sure why you believe some body could not inform anyone „Oh, we are a unique few” and someone else „Oh, we are buddies with advantages” and make it down for many years. Possibly she travels a complete great deal for company. Possibly he tells her he travels a complete great deal for company, but he is been investing the period with you.

It surely comes right bbwpeoplemeet down to him or not if you believe. You understand him, we do not. Published by Sidhedevil at 6:53 PM on 18, 2013 january

Sending A facebook message is „crazy” today? Jesus Christ. This woman isn’t a random chick with an unrequited crush attempting to stir up shit. It’s verified that she is at minimum resting with him, and it’s really virtually confirmed that he had been either cheating on her behalf or stringing her along, both of that are dickish habits on their component. May be the worse that is former? Yes, absolutely. Does he be removed well in a choice of situation? No, not especially.

There is no method you are going to have to believe one person and think the other person is full of shit around it. Really, according to my very own experiences, I would side with all the woman. The sisterhood, you understand. YMMV. Published by dekathelon at 7:01 PM on January 18, 2013 20 favorites

Okay, let’s not pretend.

No one in this thread gets the first damn clue whether the „girlfriend” is crazy or whether your FWB is filled with shit. Or both. You are not getting helpful advice, you are just seeing a display of men and women’s different biases, assumptions, and prejudices.

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