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Safe online shopping avoids fake sites to make purchases and transactions secure. Avast Premium finds weaknesses in Wi-Fi security and identifies vulnerabilities of any network you connect to. Avast Premium Security is an all-in-one antivirus, now even faster and more efficient because of moving computing processes into the cloud. The world’s largest threat detection network, cloud-based artificial intelligence, and lightning-fast behavior analysis highlight Avast Premium among all others.

  • This is one of the most popular antivirus software in the world.
  • However, it’s functionality is a bit limited compared to the paid products.
  • In general, it is a very good antivirus which reliably protects the devices from various online threats.
  • At the same time, it uses the same antivirus module and provides the highest level of security and protection.

The software product is developed and distributed by Avast Software s.r.o. Its headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic. One of the biggest advantages of Avast is that it is very easy to use. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it is a simple tool even for beginners. To start using Avast, download it for free from the official site. The free program is available for download even on some third-party websites, but on the official site, you’ll find all the latest Avast products.

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Avast offers a free thirty-day trial of the Internet Security software so you can try before you buy. In December 2019, Avast collected unnecessary user data such as browsing history and activity through Avast subsidiary Jumpshot. Its privacy policy defends storing user data since it’s anonymized, but the company offered no clear policy on length of data retention. Avast has one of the most popular antivirus apps around, due in part to offering a free version, and it’s one that performs respectably. The company acquired its rival AVG in September of 2016, and now both use Avast’s malware scanning engine, but their distinct personalities remain. It also lets you access georestricted content, so you can watch access and watch Netflix when you’re abroad.

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If you’re looking to shell out some cash for a little more protection, then Avast Premium Security is the next step up the ladder. You can get cover for a single ASIO4ALL device for $59.88 for the first year, or ten devices for $83.88 for the first year. These prices rise up to $69.99 and $89.99 respectively after that. Avast Premium Security covers Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and you can mix and match on a per device basis if you choose the multi-device coverage option. Avast Free Antivirus even throws in a password manager, which lets you securely lock all your passwords in a vault, which can be used to login to any of your saved websites using a single click.

Judging by AV-Comparatives test results, Avast isn’t quite as secure as some others, but it’s definitely up there among the best. And it’s one of the most secure free antivirus offerings on the market at the moment.

So you can complete searches just as quickly and easily as you would if you were using Chrome. Monitors your email address to make sure your passwords haven’t been leaked online. Built-in privacy lets you browse, shop, and bank safely online. If you’re looking for antivirus security for your home PC or smartphone, you can choose between Avast’s Free plan and its Premium offering. Next-gen endpoint protection in CloudCare blocks malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats to your business. Avast also provides a decent level of email security with its free version. It alerts you to any unsafe websites, blocks suspicious downloads, prevents dangerous email attachments and stops intrusive web tracking.

And as email is one of the most common ways of getting a computer virus, it’s a really useful feature that weeds out a lot of potential threats. And on top of all the regular features, Avast’s free offering also comes with some very handy extras that make this option even more tempting. Here, we’ll break them all down to help you decide if the free version is the right option for you. What features does Avast use to keep your machine safe from viruses? Well, as you’d expect, you get what you pay for, with the Premium plan coming with a lot more features than the free version.

This means you can have complex, difficult passwords without having to remember them all. Considering the entry price of zero dollars, this is a fantastic offering. While Avast seems to have put this behind them, it does call into question just how safe it is to use Avast products. If it identifies a threat, you can simply click to resolve them. However, if it identifies any advanced issues, the Resolve button will simply redirect you to a payment screen so you can upgrade to the Premium plan. Still, it still offers more than adequate protection for a free service. Avast’s secure browser takes seconds to download and has a lovely clean interface that’s very similar to Google Chrome.

And in its Malware protection test dated September 2020, AV-Comparatives found that Avast managed to protect against 100% of online threats. Which isn’t fantastic, but a lot better than the staggering 114 flagged by Panda. Well, as part of our review, we’ve taken a close look at Avast’s security measures to help you decide whether or not to install the software. However, earlier this year, Avast was caught selling highly sensitive web browsing data from 100 million of its customers to third party companies. And although it’s since put a stop to this practice, we can’t help but feel that this isn’t a company that puts the privacy of its customers first. Mostly, I like it because the software does not overload the system and it detects problems quickly. You can provide reliable protection to your computer without overpaying.

If you need more capabilities, Avast Business Antivirus Pro offers support for Exchange and SharePoint servers, Software Security to keep your applications up to date, and a tool for data destruction. Comprehensive antivirus-level tools include a spam filter and an intelligent firewall. Avast Mobile Security, both for iOS and Android, protects personal data with automatic virus scanning and notification of malicious URL links, blocks hackers with a built-in firewall. The mail screen serves as an email proxy, so if you access the mailbox over a secure connection , you must configure your email client and mail screen to support this type of connection. Improve the performance and security of critical software with automatic updates.

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