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Massachusetts law about relationships wedding designation, Secretary of the Commonwealth. Use to

Dining table of items

Massachusetts rules

MGL c.207: relationships. Certain chapters of interest:

  • 1 Marriage of guy to certain relatives
  • 2 relationship of lady to certain family members
  • 4 Polygamy
  • 7 Minors; solemnization of wedding (prohibits marrying individuals under 18). Discover in addition, Parton v. Hervey , 67 bulk. 119 (1854) for lots more conversation of matrimony of minors.
  • 14 dedication of legitimacy (annulment)
  • 24 Nonage minors; getting of observe; prohibition (years needs is 18)
  • 25 Nonage minors; agreement of relationships (parental consent needed under 18)
  • 30 Dispensing with 3 era’ find
  • 36 Registering marriages that took place away from Massachusetts

Chosen situation laws

Collins v. Guggenheim , 417 Mass. 615 (1994). The legal held that „cohabitation in Massachusetts doesn’t create the connection of wife and husband inside lack of an official solemnization of marriage… [and] the situations associated with marital commitment [do maybe not] put on an arrangement of cohabitation. common-law matrimony is certainly not respected in Massachusetts.”

Commonwealth v. Lane, 113 Bulk. 458 (1873). The legal held that “ we typically extend identification to out-of-State marriages under rules of comity, even if these types of marriages could be restricted here, unless the relationship violates Massachusetts gay hookup app free community policy, like polygamy, consanguinity and attraction.”

Elia-Warnken v. Elia, 463 Size. 29 (2012). The Supreme Judicial Court “recognized a Vermont municipal union since the same in principle as relationships in Commonwealth under maxims of comity.”

Parton v. Hervey , 67 bulk. 119 (1854) conversation associated with legitimacy of relationship of minors over the ages of consent without parental consent.

Shea v. Cameron, 92 Size. App. Ct. 731 (2018) a declare of fraudulent inducement to matrimony are banned by the cardio Balm operate (operate), G. L. c. 207, 47A.


Eventually relationships designation, Secretary associated with Commonwealth. Used to have actually a pal or family member carry out the ceremony.

Marriage without delay/Marriage of minors (CJD 430). Bulk. Probate and Group Legal Division. „used to consult waiver on the expected 3 day waiting course and/or approval for slight to get married.” See in addition: information for relationship without delay-Marriage of minors

Web supply

Fiance & relationship visas: several’s help guide to U.S. immigration, Nolo, 2019 has information about visas, eco-friendly cards, income specifications, getting ready the documents and. Demands free library cards for access.

Getting married in Massachusetts: before the wedding ceremony, Mass.gov, 2017. Covers the fundamentals of all things you need to understand, like who is able to get married, who is going to carry out the marriage, and recommended documents.

How to get married in Massachusetts, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), July 2015 Written for same-sex partners, but the processes is the same for all lovers. Sharp detailed information. Consists of information about how to change your surname.

Justices on the serenity: overview of obligations published by any office associated with the Massachusetts Governor, clarifies the obligations of a fairness with the serenity in executing a wedding, such as the as a type of the ceremony, allowed costs, and.

Massachusetts appropriate impediments to marriage, Mass. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics Provides a summary of which might not wed whom in Massachusetts.

Buying a birth, marriage, or dying certification, Mass. Registry of Vital Records and research info on acquiring copies of marriage data

Premarital contract law in Massachusetts, Charles P. Kindregan Jr., December 3, 2012 This report provides an introduction to the drafting and employ of premarital or prenuptial contracts in Massachusetts.

Printing options

LexisNexis practise guidelines: Massachusetts parents legislation, LexisNexis, 2021. Section 1: wedding: this section covers who may come into a married relationship, the legal requirements of a wedding, annulments and same intercourse marriages in Massachusetts.

Lindy and Parley on separation agreements and antenuptial agreements, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf, 1999 with existing pills. Include informative data on prenuptial contracts.

Massachusetts application v.1-3 (household laws and exercise) 4th ed., Thomson Reuters, 2013 with current supplement. Chapters 17-22: legislation of marriage.

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