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They aren’t “our” toys — they’re just our recommendations. At any rate, I wouldn’t worry about it — your dog will still see the toys just fine. On the other hand, I’ve purchased a number of KONG products over the years, spanning several different dogs. I really appreciate the durability of the products, and my dogs have always loved them. I actually bought a KONG Pacifier for my current pooch the day I brought her home, and she still enjoys it three years later.

Pet owners have been leaving thousands of positive reviews on tons of dog and cat necessities on the retail giant, including food, beds, accessories, and toys. Customers are always keeping each other up to date on what the best products to purchase are, whether it’s these scented dog waste bags or this cooling pet pad. And most recently, shoppers have crowned these indestructible balls from Chuckit!

Chuck It Dog Toy Guide & Reviews

The best way to make a toy last is to keep it somewhere where your pup cannot get at it all day long. Bring the toy out when it’s playtime and put it away when it’s not. If the other two Nylabones didn’t do the trick for your pup why not try this big one? This long-lasting chew toy comes in a few different flavors and uses tough nylon to hold up to even the strongest of power chewers. There is no exact methodology behind how long it should hold up being that it can actually get consumed. We like that this is an all-natural healthy option, that can also help clean teeth.

There’s the general tough durability with rugged seams and thick fabric that make these toys fun to chew and tug. Whether it’s tug-of-war or taking apart a stuffed animal, almost all dogs love to play.

Fill this up with some goodies, bounce it on the ground and free yourself up while treating your dog to a playful and rewarding game. The Zogoflex by West Paw is made in the USA, dishwasher safe and is 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer. The problem that can arise is your dog ingesting something it shouldn’t, like the plastic squeaker that was so much fun for them to find. So here are our top picks for the best balls out there, all available from Doghouse, in-store and online. Games with your pet dog and all interaction with them help to nurture a strong bond and trusting relationship. Playing with your dog keeps both of you fit and active.

If your dog loves balls and he’s a chewer, Chuckit Ball is your best choice. Either through training or just some quality time spent together, toys help us connect with our dogs and even allow you to get to know them a little bit better. Nothing bonds you and your pet like a great game of fetch, so grab one of the toys from this list and get out there to celebrate chuckit frisbee National Fetch Day on October 19th! Check out our list of great dog parks in Brevard county for some safe outdoor spaces to get your fetch on. There is something pure and simple about playing a game of fetch with plain old stick out in the backyard. Unfortunately, sticks can get sharp points or crack, which pose some pretty serious health concerns for your pup.

Chuck It – Five Popular Problems It Is Possible To Avoid

A hard-wearing flying disc for larger dogs with strong jaws. Extremely durable with an ergonomic and aerodynamic shape.

Hydrosqueeze for a water-retaining dog ball you can use in the pool or use as a refreshing water-dispensing toy for your pet. Some of the most fun toys can be old items around the house. Tennis balls are a timeless classic loved by dogs and are perfect for using with the Chuckit! You can buy a bag of 18 durable balls for under $13 here. Since 1998, this brand of dog toys has been very much loved by dogs and the range of balls, rings and fetch toys has grown immensely. I may be the worst pet parent ever, but all that squeaking can get annoying.

The bone has a mint flavouring cooked into it to help keep your dog’s breath a little fresher than it might otherwise be. Antler chews are exactly what they say on the tin – chews which are made from deer antlers. This brand in particular uses antlers from red deer and fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds. Helpfully, the Chilly Penguin is easy to clean and can even be popped in the dishwasher to make sure it’s perfectly sanitized before putting it back in the freezer again. The variety of sizes available in the Kong Extreme is great news if you have a very large dog, but be aware that the super large model is highly priced. If you’ve got a dog with separation anxiety, a frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter can help take their mind off the fact that you’ve left them alone. The excellent news is that Kongs are dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it after your dog’s done with it for the day.

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