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Since I have a 0,3 mm tempered glass on my screen, it does not close any more, stays open a little. Just because a cell phone has an area code and prefix relating to a certain city would not mean that this call is coming from there. Just because the area code and prefix relate to New York does not mean that the call is coming from New York. Additionally, I want to be the one to decide if I want the city related to my assigned area code and prefix broadcast as callerID. The first three digits of the phone number is known as the prefix. it goes by the area code and the first 3 digits of the phone number.

  • Those elements help provide a smooth computer experience on the phone.
  • You can now select your very own pictures to set as the wallpaper on the Dot View case.
  • The HTC Dot View app has been updated to bring a few more customization options to the case, including the ability to theme your notifications.
  • The microSD slot read a 200GB SanDisk card ($44.00 at Amazon) without any trouble.
  • The cover was always in the way and the spine of the thing felt like something that will certainly crack long before I get a new phone.
  • Thanks to an update to the company’s Dot View app, the case can now be equipped with pictures that light up, providing new themes to the accessory to give it some more standout appeal.

All of those features work well, I just couldn’t see notification when I got new mails. Without question, last year’s Dot View cases were probably one of the coolest accessories we’d ever seen on a smartphone. Similar to flip cases, the Dot View cases had perforated cover flaps that display time and notifications in brilliantly animated 8-bit like designs. Our only complaint was while they looked pretty, they didn’t exactly behave themselves in real world use. The cover flap often times wouldn’t sit properly on the One M8 and was extremely awkward to use when flipped behind the device. For 2015, HTC has improved upon this design with their Dot View 2 case for the HTC One M9.

How To Install Htc Blinkfeed Launcher On Your Android Device Without Root

Restore went fine though it did take quite a bit HTC Dot View of time and all is good now. And now the store says it isn’t available for the phone it was already on. I could do a factory reset and get it all back but I’m not sure what I have to do to set it up after that reset. Now it doesn’t show up in history and going to the windowsphone store online from the computer shows the software, but says it isn’t available for my phone.

Instead of BlinkFeed, swiping to the right summons Google Now. Hangouts replaces the default SMS app and Chrome replaces HTC’s browser. The app drawer scrolls horizontally instead of vertically, and the UI generally looks a lot cleaner than HTC’s version. You can also trigger voice commands and searches anytime while on the home screen, like with the Nexus 5.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Samsung Devices

Read the full review or check out the above video to find out. Had 1 Rev A case that started to rip on the first time opening the flap of the case, and 2 Rev B’s that did exactly the same thing. I got an email from expansys France as they are the official accessories sellers online, they said this cover didn’t get any revision in the meaning of correction. There’s a reason why I don’t like these flip cases or covers, and that’s because when you are trying to type an email, a Tweet, a Google+ post or anything at all, it just feels weird.

The Google Play Store is home to millions of apps and games. Some apps take advantage of your device’s hardware capabilities, such as motion sensors (for motion-dependent games) or a front-facing camera . HTC phones offer one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. HTC Sense offers great functionality and convenience and one of the main features supported is BlinkFeed launcher. This solution adds a home screen page that provides quick access to your favorite RSS feeds, news outlets and also to the latest media streams.

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