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How-to Hide The Dreadful Hookup For The Automatic Washer Hose

May be the unattractive link for the washing machine line showing? Is that opening when you look at the wall an eyesore that generally seems to merely gather dirt and lint? Here’s a straightforward option for a straightforward solution to keep hidden it.

Once we comprise remodeling all of our washing place and trying our better to enable it to be a fairly space, there seemed to be one glaring thing that actually drove me insane – and this was the big ole gap for the wall the spot where the washer line connected. It doesn’t matter how fantastic all of those other room looked – that opening is when my eye gone every single opportunity I stepped inside room.

This is exactly my washing space mid-renovation. Notice any such thing glaringly unattractive? Well, aside from the proven fact that the space is looking rather blah at this datingmentor.org/escort/shreveport/ time. ??

Let me give you a clue. The zoomed-in photo’s a tiny bit blurry, but observe that ugly box for the wall surface? If you have a washing device in your house, you most likely get one of these too.

There clearly was not a chance I found myself attending head to most of the problems of prettying-up my laundry room without figuring out a way to cover that unattractive opening within the wall structure. Here’s what it seems like today.

This venture isn’t nuclear physics. it is simply a straightforward cure for resolve an very unattractive eyesore. Without a doubt everything I performed:


Assess the measurements of your own beginning – height and width. Subsequently collect these supplies:

1 – 1? x 4? Board – The board ought to be at least if the full total associated with height of both side of the package in addition to the width associated with container.

1 – one panel that will be large sufficient and taller adequate to become the cover for the front of the container.

2 – smaller blocks of lumber to brace the edges

2 – L brackets and screws

2 – Hinges with screws

Jet decorate color of your decision (maybe not revealed)


Considering the measurements of the starting, make following incisions:

Cut 2 – 1?4 boards which is the finished level (edges) on the framework

Slice 1 – 1?4 panel that’ll be the distance on the frame as well as the depth of the two sideboards. This panel would be the top of the frame and requires are long enough commit right over the starting in addition to the leading side of both of along side it boards.

Cut 2 – Small square obstructs of wooden for stabilizing the sides.

Slice 1 – panel that will aid since cover from the container so that it will completely cover the assembled frame.


Build the framework. Any time you determine the picture below, you will see exactly how all of the parts of the structure are positioned along. I fixed every one of the locations the spot where the material try accompanied right after which included some timber screws for reinforcement.

The two small stabilizer obstructs of timber were a tiny bit difficult to read within image, but if you appear closely, you can observe all of them in clamps. The panel at the bottom on the structure (between the side items), farthest out of the clamps, isn’t attached – it is merely here to keep the feet apart until the glue dries out.


As soon as every one of the adhesive provides dried out, remove the clamps. Attach the board that’s the address to the top area of the frame making use of the hinges.


Sprinkle paint the complete box and allow they to fully dry.


After the paint are dry, it is time for you to mount the package. We forgot to grab a photo for this step, nevertheless will be able to easily determine what to-do. Attach the L brackets for the wall structure, above the faucet box. Remain the box on top of the brackets and carry the address to be able to affix the package to the L brackets. You might need anyone to let you hold the field positioned while you connect the L brackets to it.

Voila! No longer unattractive automatic washer hose hookup hole for the wall, but the faucets continue to be readily available just in case you actually ever have to access them.

Just How To Conceal The Ugly Connection For Your Automatic Washer Hose

Could be the unattractive hookup to suit your washer hose revealing? Is that hole within the wall an eyesore that generally seems to just accumulate dust and lint? Here’s an easy remedy for an easy option to conceal it.

As soon as we are renovating our laundry room and attempting the best to allow a fairly area, there was clearly one glaring thing that practically drove me crazy – which is the major ole hole when you look at the wall where in actuality the washing machine line connected. No matter how fantastic the remainder place seemed – that gap is how my personal attention gone every opportunity I stepped inside room.

It is my laundry space mid-renovation. Observe everything glaringly unattractive? Better, aside from the fact that the complete space is wanting fairly blah at this point. ??

Let me provide you with a sign. The zoomed-in photo’s just a little blurry, but note that ugly field in wall structure? When you yourself have a washing device in your house, you almost certainly get one among these as well.

There seemed to be no chance I happened to be planning to visit most of the problems of prettying-up my personal washing place without learning a means to hide that ugly opening when you look at the wall. Here’s just what it appears like now.

This project is not rocket science. it is simply a simple answer to resolve an very ugly eyesore. Let me make it clear the things I performed:


Measure the measurements of the opening – level and distance. Subsequently collect these materials:

1 – 1? x 4? panel – The panel must certanly be at the least so long as the entire of this peak of both sides associated with box in addition to the distance with the container.

1 – Single panel that is wide adequate and high adequate to behave as the address the front side associated with the field.

2 – lightweight blocks of wooden to brace the corners

2 – L brackets and screws

2 – Hinges with screws

Spray paint shade of your option (not revealed)


Thinking about the proportions of orifice, improve preceding cuts:

Slice 2 – 1?4 boards that’ll be the finished level (side) associated with frame

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